Written Wednesday

Driving Alone Early in the Morning


The frigid morning air has

Crept into my car, my frozen

Hands grip at the wheel.


Black coffee slides down

My throat, bitter it

Leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


Fog blocks my path

So thick I could inhale it

And puff it back out in rings.


Early morning

Light cuts through


The trees to my left

Bathing the world


In gold.

-Hanna Caroline

Fall LookBook | holderofmyheart

Here are a few fall outfits from October and November, I have been loving  jackets and layering in these months to keep me warm and dry. The jean jacket pictured in three of these outfit of the days has been a fall staple.

IMG_7574 IMG_8839 IMG_6134 IMG_1965 IMG_6075 IMG_5695

Pumpkin Patch Journal Entry No. 3

Fall sweetness on this Saturday that included cheering on my sisters at their soccer games, picking out pumpkins and eating pizza. We started off the morning by packing a picnic lunch, bundling up and grabbing blankets and chairs for the soccer game. Then we ran out the door, late, which is typical for us, into the cold October morning.

We had a crazy morning driving from game to game, Sammie lost and Ella won. After that we headed to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and grab some fresh squash. Sammie spent the most time looking for the biggest pumpkin she could find. Eventually she decided on one that was the farthest from our wagon and because she couldn’t lift it she rolled it across the entire patch and dropped it in the wagon. Once everyone found their pumpkins we loaded them into the car and headed home.

It was a beautiful autumn day and it was spent in some of my favorite ways.

IMG_1834 IMG_1831 IMG_1801 IMG_1803 IMG_1799 IMG_1820 IMG_1842 IMG_1849

Do It Yourself Fall Candle Decor

October has rolled around and the seasonal craziness has ensued, everything is pumpkin and spiced, everyone has leaves hanging on the walls and Bath and Body Works has once again relaunched all their fall candles.  I am a huge sucker for the fall and winter candles, not only the smell of them but the ambience of having them burn around the house. As I have not been able to purchase and BB&W candles yet this year  I decided to stop by Walmart and pick up some two dollar fall candles. They may not be as strongly scented but they work quite well in small spaces such as my room. The big downfall of these candles is unlike the BB&W candles they aren’t very pretty. Which leads me to today’s DIY, Do It Yourself Fall Candle Decor. These super simple candles don’t even look like they are from Walmart and are an easy way to decorate your space.


Removing the Stickers:
You are going to want to start this DIY by removing all the stickers from the candles. The ones from Walmart came off without too much of a fight but if you are having trouble all you need is baking soda, warm water and a sponge. This will remove the sticker and any of the residue it leaves behind.

Twig Candle


First you are going to collect a bunch of twigs from my yard and cut them all down in to even lengths. This DIY works best if you use sticks of varying thicknesses and heights to give it that organic look. Now, one by one, you just hot glue the twigs on to your 2 dollar candle. You can do this with multiple candles or on empty jars to create a super cute vase. Voila your Walmart candle now looks like you spent at least 5 bucksIMG_1754IMG_1756

Gold and Black Candle


This DIY is pretty straight forward but I love the way this one turned out. You will need gold paint, black paint, a paint brush and a sponge. I started by painting the candle with the gold, i made sure it wasn’t opaque because I liked that look. After the gold paint dries lightly sponge on the black building it as you go to create this ombre black/gold candle. I can see this one loking super cool when it burns down.
And thats it! You can do this with most cheap candles you buy from Walmart or Rite Aid or wherever and it is quick and easy and so FALL.



Thanks for reading

IMG_1779 IMG_1778


-Hanna Caroline

Inspiration From The Ocean | Journal Entry No. 2

I am always inspired by the ocean. In every season the ocean is always fierce. During the winter it is loudly physically and visibly fierce. You watch it threaten and rear its beautiful white foaming head and crash upon the sand. It loudly proclaims I am a force. I am here and everywhere. It boasts of its beauty, scary terrifying beauty. In the cold stormy months you steer clear of the ocean because you know the powerful waters will take live and not think twice about it. But the warmer easier months are much much quieter. This is when the ocean really shows her finesse. You can lounge warm on the sand and watch the ocean up close gently lapping on the sand. You are entranced it is so big so blue and so very very welcoming. There is no hostility in the cool breeze that floats off the water and everyone seems to dance by the shore getting close but never to close. But what we all know in the back of our minds is that the ocean is silently fierce. It obtains the same force and terrifying beauty as before but know it is hidden behind the glare of the sun. The ocean she becomes this quietly strong seductress that we know only to avoid her based on our observations in the cold months when we she is showing all her cards. Yes I love the ocean, I love her when she is thrashing and spitting and being marvelous and disastrous, And I love her when she is understated and flat, playing as if she didn’t know her own power.

Back to School Hair Inspiration

Happy Friday! As I am starting school next week I decided to come up with two hair styles for the fall season and  share them with you. I recently chopped off a bunch of my hair, it was a much needed but scary hair appointment, and I  have been loving playing with braids and styling it. It has been so long since I have had short hair and layers, none of my go to styles work anymore. So I came up with two dos that are versatile and easy.  This first hairstyle I have actually seen on a lot of girls recently but I wasn’t sure if I could make it work with all the layers I have but luckily it turned really cute.

Dutch Fishtail Braid/Bun


To achieve this look I dutch braided my hair until all the hair was combined then split the three strands into two and started fishtailing until I reached the end and secured it. What really makes this hairstyle look cute and easy is making sure you pull at the braid a little to make it look bigger. Not only will this make the braid bigger but it will make it seem as though you have super thick hair. This braid is cute as it is but if you take the fishtail and wrap it around itself and pin it it makes a super cute bun and gets the hair out of the way.

IMG_1692  IMG_1702

IMG_1694   IMG_1695

Half-up Bun With Braids


I am sure all of you Girls have seen and tried the half-up bun style that is sooo popular right now I also have and LOVE IT. It is a super easy way to toss up your hair without have to go for the full on top knot. I really wanted to do something cute and different with this half bun because I had been wearing it so much that I felt it needed a change. So I added these two accent braids to it. First off I separated the hair that was going into the bun from the hair I was letting hang down. Next I parted my hair on the right and sectioned of the hair for each braid. I regular french braided the lower one, and dutch braided the other. Then gathered all the remaining hair, and the braids, and twisted it into a bun the secured it with bobby pins. I think this hairstyle is edgy with out venturing to far out of my comfort, plus it is so simple and these braids also look good in a pony or pinned back with curls.

IMG_1707  IMG_1718

IMG_1711 IMG_1715

Also while shooting the brain/bun style my cat (unfortunately for him) was napping in my room so I grabbed him for this!

IMG_1704 IMG_1705

Such a positive little guy.


-Hanna Caroline

|Its Nearly Fall Again| Journal Entry no. 1

It is nearly the fall again. The fact that it has been a whole year since the last time I stood on the brink of this season is hard for me to get my head around. It seems like the fast year has danced away like it does in the movies, to very tasteful music. This year is my last at home. I am excited for all the lasts that go along with this year. Last year of high school. Last season of soccer. Last year at a community college. But I am so shaken by all the changes I am going to undergo, although I have started to embrace it.

Change helps us grow. It is a good thing. Goodbyes help us move onto new hellos. We are meant to move and change and touch the world around us and react to it. Senior year is one of those waves that you ride in life, taking you from one stage to another.

The anticipation for this year has been build up for years, I have always looked forward to my senior year. Now that it is here it is nothing like I imagined it. I have gone through things, met people, and grew to know myself better. I found my forever friends, people who I wouldn’t have expected to be friends with and new people who I couldn’t believe I hadn’t met sooner because they are just so amazing.

For my year of lasts I hope I encounter just as many first. I pray for the ability to live in the moment and appreciate the time that is now. I pray that I will remember to slow down, and live my last moments as a teen with love friendship and faith.


-Hanna Caroline

Washington D.C. Trip | I’m Back

Oh wow, I really am bad at this whole blogging thing. In my defense my laptop did crash for a month until it decided to come back to life. But otherwise I guess I just let life drown me. For some reason I just got swallowed up by school, work, and track.

I’m sorry. Really I miss blogging, I miss this. I love writing for this blog, for you all. I love taking pictures. of my adventures and little hauls and all of that. I have plans and a vision for this website I just have to find the time to put them into motion. So I am back, my Macbook is back in working order-which in itself is a miracle-my time is starting to free up a little, and I am bursting with Ideas.

For now here are some pictures from our spring break adventure.

Me, the eldest cousins of my family and our Granny flew across the country, from our little pacific northwest, to Washing ton D.C. It is a trip that I feel every american should make once in there life, no matter their degree of patriotism. In the week spent at the museums, monuments and buildings I learned more than I ever learned in a classroom. My learning experience was enhanced by my Uncle Mike. A New Yorker born and raised, former economics professor and major history buff. As we drove to and from Washington D.C. each day he pointed out important landmarks and shared the history of each.

Though we only had a week on the east coast we crammed as much as we could into each day. Visiting as many monuments museums and historic buildings that we could, we managed to hit all the major part of D.C. My favorite being the National Gallery of Art, which I could have spent 2 weeks in as opposed to 2 hours. Unfortunately the modern branch of the museum was closed due to construction or something so we were unable to go there. But the being able to see an amazing amount of world renowned art in the National Gallery of Art was one of the most rewarding experience of the trip. We were able to see a variety of Claude Monet’s works, one of Gustave Courbet’s pieces, and a Leonardo Davinci piece. My favorite would have to be Thomas Coles a voyage of life because of the romantic style of painting, the strong light, and high contrast colors. If you have never seen this piece I recommend you look it up, but seeing it in person was a real treat.

In the middle of our week we got the opportunity to stay in New York for a night and while there we saw Les Miserables on Broadway. To me this was the chance of a lifetime. New York has been the city of my dreams since I was very very young. I couldn’t wait to just be there and feel the energy. So we drove to New Jersey then took a train into the city. It was amazing, there it is such an eclectic place. And so much fun to walk through and experience. Some of the things we did in New York were riding a subways, visiting F.A.O. Schwartz, going to the ground zero monuments, walking through central park, and eating at an authentic Italian restaurant. The brief trip to New York really just introduced to me a hunger to visit the city again.

Upon arriving back to Virginia we had one more day in D.C. then it was time to pack up and head to the Dulles airport and take off for the West Coast and home sweet home. It was a crazy unbelievable trip that I didn’t think I was ever going to make and I will forever be grateful for the experience that I got to have with my family, and I can’t wait to travel again to somewhere new!

So heres to new adventures and good memories to be saved until a rainy day, and to be cherished always.


—Hanna Caroline