Washington D.C. Trip | I’m Back

Oh wow, I really am bad at this whole blogging thing. In my defense my laptop did crash for a month until it decided to come back to life. But otherwise I guess I just let life drown me. For some reason I just got swallowed up by school, work, and track.

I’m sorry. Really I miss blogging, I miss this. I love writing for this blog, for you all. I love taking pictures. of my adventures and little hauls and all of that. I have plans and a vision for this website I just have to find the time to put them into motion. So I am back, my Macbook is back in working order-which in itself is a miracle-my time is starting to free up a little, and I am bursting with Ideas.

For now here are some pictures from our spring break adventure.

Me, the eldest cousins of my family and our Granny flew across the country, from our little pacific northwest, to Washing ton D.C. It is a trip that I feel every american should make once in there life, no matter their degree of patriotism. In the week spent at the museums, monuments and buildings I learned more than I ever learned in a classroom. My learning experience was enhanced by my Uncle Mike. A New Yorker born and raised, former economics professor and major history buff. As we drove to and from Washington D.C. each day he pointed out important landmarks and shared the history of each.

Though we only had a week on the east coast we crammed as much as we could into each day. Visiting as many monuments museums and historic buildings that we could, we managed to hit all the major part of D.C. My favorite being the National Gallery of Art, which I could have spent 2 weeks in as opposed to 2 hours. Unfortunately the modern branch of the museum was closed due to construction or something so we were unable to go there. But the being able to see an amazing amount of world renowned art in the National Gallery of Art was one of the most rewarding experience of the trip. We were able to see a variety of Claude Monet’s works, one of Gustave Courbet’s pieces, and a Leonardo Davinci piece. My favorite would have to be Thomas Coles a voyage of life because of the romantic style of painting, the strong light, and high contrast colors. If you have never seen this piece I recommend you look it up, but seeing it in person was a real treat.

In the middle of our week we got the opportunity to stay in New York for a night and while there we saw Les Miserables on Broadway. To me this was the chance of a lifetime. New York has been the city of my dreams since I was very very young. I couldn’t wait to just be there and feel the energy. So we drove to New Jersey then took a train into the city. It was amazing, there it is such an eclectic place. And so much fun to walk through and experience. Some of the things we did in New York were riding a subways, visiting F.A.O. Schwartz, going to the ground zero monuments, walking through central park, and eating at an authentic Italian restaurant. The brief trip to New York really just introduced to me a hunger to visit the city again.

Upon arriving back to Virginia we had one more day in D.C. then it was time to pack up and head to the Dulles airport and take off for the West Coast and home sweet home. It was a crazy unbelievable trip that I didn’t think I was ever going to make and I will forever be grateful for the experience that I got to have with my family, and I can’t wait to travel again to somewhere new!

So heres to new adventures and good memories to be saved until a rainy day, and to be cherished always.


—Hanna Caroline

Written Wednesdays

I’m Like This Mug.

Sitting alone at a small booth of a coffee shop, I sip black coffee. Its one of those places where they serve real food, but everyone who knows it just goes there to get coffee. It’s not even good coffee but people here still drink it. I was never sure why. I take another sip trying to taste anything good in the coffee. No, its like gas station coffee. The mug the waitress gave me is chipped. Smooth and rounded all along the edge until you get to the thumb sized hollow where a piece of the mug had been chipped off. I think about the missing piece of ceramic. Where did it go? Where is it now? How did it break off? I run my finger along the place where the piece used to be. Its dull, its been missing for a while so the mug doesn’t even remember it was there. Its forgotten so now it lives like its never even been broken. And when people come and sip from the mug it doesn’t use it’s empty spot to cut them the way it did when it first broke.

I sip again, this time I turn the cup so the chip is opposite me and when I tilt the cup to pour the coffee in my mouth I can watch the little hollow. I stare that little empty spot down watching it. Not sure if I am waiting for something to happen, but I watch it as my cup moves up and down, as I drink my coffee.

A song I used to know starts to play out of the cheap sound system of the coffee shop. Its a happy song, but it makes me sad. I look up as if the person I used to listen to that song with might be sitting across from me, putting more sugar than he needs in his coffee, grinning, and humming along to the song. But he’s not, he wouldn’t be, he couldn’t be.

“I’m chipped” I think turning my attention back to the mug. I lost a piece and its left a hollow spot in me. I don’t know if I can ever fill that empty place. I’m chipped. I’m not dull the way the mug is, not yet, I can still cut people. When they put their finger on that empty place, the place where the piece used to go, they get hurt. When they put their lips to my edge I cut them and they bleed.

I could learn from this mug. I could learn how to be dull so that people won’t get hurt by me. “How did you do it?” I think at the mug. “How did you forget you were missing a piece?”

I wish someone would come along and turn me, avoiding the sharp empty place. Drinking from me knowing I could cut them, but turning the sharp edge away from themselves. Give me the time I need to forget the missing piece and heal the empty spot. Give me time to become dull on my own.

I gulp my coffee until the cup is empty, its cold now, and for a moment I hold the cup in my two hands. “I’m like this mug.” I say quietly and to myself. Then I take the mug to the waitress counting her tips at the counter. “This is broken” I say as I set it down on the counter and walk out.

–Hanna Caroline

2015 Resolutions

News Years resolutions have always been something that I write down in my journal then never look at again, but this year I decided I would post them for all of you to see. Doing this makes me feel more accountable for my hopes of 2015 and I just really wanted to share these with you. Instead of doing 10-15 specific resolutions I decided to do five that would better me as a person. Every year brings a promise of a fresh start but so does everyday. So here they are:

Be Kind 

This year I want to work on being kind. My goal is to consciously make the effort to keep a positive outlook on life and the people in my life. To be patient and caring with people. In the world we live in today it can be so easy to let our tempers take control of our thoughts and actions. But in 2015 I want to let kindness and goodness be the leading forces in my heart.

Take Care of Myself

In 2015 I want to take better care of my body physically and mentally. I want to fuel my body with good foods and get back into shape. I want to run, drink plenty of water,get more sleep, and make it a point to include more veggies and fruit in my diet.I also want to take better care of myself in a mental way, as in read more, workout my brain muscles, spend less time doing mindless activities like watching t.v. or surfing the web. I feel that this is important for the new year because it is crucial that we give our temples the respect they deserve as they are God’s creation.

Be Grateful

Throughout the next twelve months I want to take time out of my day to be more grateful for the things and people in my life. I spent 2014 unhappy about the situation God put me in, I constantly complained about things. Not only did it make me unhappy it made me unloving towards my family and envious of people who looked as though they had it all together. I have so much good in my life and it outweighs the small amount of negative things that I might be faced with. Christmas always awakens this sense of thankfulness and this year I want to hold on to that and carry it through to the next December so that I can realize how blessed I truly am.

Enjoy Life More

I am a compulsive worrier, nitpicker, control freak, and as my sister put it up tight crazy person. So this year I want to let go of all that perfectionist and allow myself to enjoy all the moments in my life that are fun and beautiful and meaningful. Some times I need that controlled aspect in my life and I feel like that okay and even good, its a part of who I am. But when I let that consume me and steal the joy from my days is when I know that I just need to hug my family and laugh it out. To me its important that I take time to enjoy spontaneity and randoms fun things and silly beautiful moments in my life.

Have More Faith

Finally this new year I want to have more faith God. To trust him more with my life and to follow closer to his word. Going back to the control thing, my need for control causes me to be unable to give up my path to God because I feel that I have a better plan for myself. In 2015 I want to daily read the Lords word and follow in the way that he has for my to let go of that power hungry part of me that thinks I know everything.

I have high hopes for this year not only in my personal life but also for my blog I want to share who I am to be myself to take care of myself and show kindness to all and most importantly to follow God with all my heart. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that your 2015 is full of happiness achievements and chasing dreams.


-Hanna Caroline