|Its Nearly Fall Again| Journal Entry no. 1

It is nearly the fall again. The fact that it has been a whole year since the last time I stood on the brink of this season is hard for me to get my head around. It seems like the fast year has danced away like it does in the movies, to very tasteful music. This year is my last at home. I am excited for all the lasts that go along with this year. Last year of high school. Last season of soccer. Last year at a community college. But I am so shaken by all the changes I am going to undergo, although I have started to embrace it.

Change helps us grow. It is a good thing. Goodbyes help us move onto new hellos. We are meant to move and change and touch the world around us and react to it. Senior year is one of those waves that you ride in life, taking you from one stage to another.

The anticipation for this year has been build up for years, I have always looked forward to my senior year. Now that it is here it is nothing like I imagined it. I have gone through things, met people, and grew to know myself better. I found my forever friends, people who I wouldn’t have expected to be friends with and new people who I couldn’t believe I hadn’t met sooner because they are just so amazing.

For my year of lasts I hope I encounter just as many first. I pray for the ability to live in the moment and appreciate the time that is now. I pray that I will remember to slow down, and live my last moments as a teen with love friendship and faith.


-Hanna Caroline