The Red Pony | Book Review 1

My friend told me that I should do a book review. And despite my lack of confidence in my ability to express my thoughts on a book I thought I’d give it the old college try, this ones for you Iris. So I read this Steinbeck novel(la) called The Red Pony, I really enjoyed it. The setting is a sweeping view of a California country side, a country side that is frequented by a young boy named Jody. Lonely, and only child, Jody finds companionship in his animal friends, these include his dogs and the chickens he feeds. His father is distant but Jody finds a role model in Billy Buck, the man who works on the farm with Jody’s father. Billy is good with horses and Jody puts his trust in him frequently, throughout the novella we see their relationship evolve. The story narrates four events that occur through Jody’s early life. Each story conveys the innocence and hopefulness of a child through Jody’s ignorance and curiosity. Steinbeck uses themes such as escape, loss, and trust then uses the character of Jody to show how these affect a child. Jody come to terms with things like death and sacrifice in this novella, and he seems to learn something new about life at each movement within the story. This book is a quick read as it is only 92 pages and it is packed full of really good brain food without being super dense. If you haven’t read a John Steinbeck novel I would recommend this one. And if you love John Steinbeck I would recommend this novel.

Okay. I’m not sure if this is how you review a book but bear with me. I’m sure practice makes perfect and I think I might get better.

—Hanna Caroline.